Our story of Whimsy

In the beginning of 2014, ownership and almost everything else about Whimsical cake studio changed. 

Darcy Scott, aka. The Infinite Yums, purchased the studio and started to make the products she has always dreamed about making for people. Being a journeyman red seal baker and bringing other bakers and artists together, they created a new Whimsical. One based on scratch baking, supporting local, quality ingredients, and her take on the products that will make your mouth water. 

She got her start in professional baking well over a decade ago developing her famous bacon caramels and vanilla velvet recipes, and has created many more amazing combinations since she took control. 

From her Infinite Yums blog and happy mouths around the city she launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to help with the purchase the bakery. A dream come true, to make peoples celebrations special and memorable. 

Darcy brings her love for amazing baking, coupled with her unique retro/antique/nerdy style, to everything at Whimsical. Darcy’s greatest pleasure is to see the smiles and excited faces when she presents her works of edible art to the customers. Late in 2018, it became clear the shop needed to make another move, so the crew packed up and moved down Whyte Ave, to their forever home, happily hanging with all our new friends in what they like to call the Icing District! Darcy and Whimsical are here to stay, and looking forward to making the most memorable treats for all.