Ordering Policy

Our Commitment to Quality

Whimsical Cake Studio is a locally owned and operated custom cake and confection bakery, committed to producing the highest quality products. We believe in making our ingredients, products, and even garnishes from scratch. We endeavour to use the highest quality natural ingredients that we can. We source ingredients from the most local suppliers when possible. Our team is passionate about cake and creating amazing designs and flavours for our customers events and celebrations.

Cake Consultations

Custom cakes and non-wedding cake orders may be placed by visiting our studio. Appointments are taken for wedding cakes, complicated custom orders, and corporate orders. Kindly have the following details ready when calling or visiting to discuss an order:

  • Date of your event
  • Type of occasion
  • Number of servings being requested
  • Idea or cake design in mind
  • Cake flavour choice(s)
  • Colours to match
  • Your wildest imagination!

Orders are only confirmed with a paid deposit and signed cake order form agreement.

Ordering Policy


  • Whimsical Cake Studio designers reserve the right to make any last minute adjustments to cake as needed.
  • Cake designers try to interpret your ideas onto cake. Please note there may be discrepancies.
  • Colour matches are not guaranteed. We work with icing… we do our best to get it to the colour you request.
  • Fondant pieces are edible, however our cakes and pieces may have inedible pieces such as toothpicks, dowels, paper, wire armatures etc.
  • In respect of other designers work we will not replicate their design.
  • We also would prefer not replicate our own cakes over and over again. We would love to create a unique cake just for your special occasion.

Submitting Images

  • If you are submitting a photo of an item (i.e. car, building, cartoon) that you would like created in cake, please give us photos with various views (sides, top, front, back). We certainly try our best to interpret something from an image into cake… but please understand we are using mediums such as fondant, buttercream, chocolate, etc. and though we use them to their limits, they are not always able to create certain pieces with 100% accuracy.

Allergies and Ingredients:

We use fresh ingredients and we bake from scratch. Ingredients include flour, sugar, eggs, butter, milk, fruits and nuts. Preservatives are not used in our products. We bake butter cakes…a lot like pound cakes and nothing at all like grocery store cake mixes.

At this time we do not guarantee 100% gluten free, dairy free or sugar free products and are not a certified Kosher establishment. Also note that some of our products may contain nuts. Those with wheat, diary, and nut allergies should not consume our products.

Cakes and cupcakes are best served at room temperature on the day, or the day after you pick up your order. They will keep fresh for about 5-10 days afterwards if stored properly.

Refunds / Credits / Cancellations

Orders require a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to secure the order date.
Orders under $100 require full payment upon ordering.

Visa, Master card, Amex, PayPal, ETransfer, Debit or Cash are accepted.

CANCELLATIONS: must be made no later than 48 hours after placing your order to receive 50% deposit refund. No refunds will be issued on orders cancelled after 48 hours within placing your order.

Orders placed for pickup within 48 hours will receive no credit or refund.

Due to the nature of our products, we do NOT accept returns.

Changes to order must be made 1 week in advance. Extra charges may apply.

If for some unforeseen circumstance (i.e. natural emergency, power outage, etc) out of Whimsical Cake Studio ‘s control, we will reimburse the 50% deposit only. 

**** We reserve the right to not proceed with and cancel your order at anytime should we feel your requests or last minute changes are not reasonable to our designers and timeline.

**** Abusive and negative attitudes are not tolerated. Cakes=Sugar=Happy!

PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CAKE IS CORRECT WHEN PICKING UP. We are happy to fix any mistakes on our part whenever possible.


Whimsical Cake Studio is not liable for any damages to the cake/cupcakes after pick up. Any changes requested after pick up may be done for an extra charge.

All cakes and cupcakes should be transported on a flat surface in your vehicle. Once at your destination, refrigerate your cake or cupcakes if not being served right away. If you are serving it the same day, most cakes can be left at room temperature. We will instruct you otherwise before you leave the studio. On hot days cakes and cupcakes should be kept cool as our buttercream will melt!

If you have sent someone else to pickup your order, they are responsible for making sure that the order is to your satisfaction before leaving the studio.

A waiver is signed before leaving with your cake order that reads “_______ agrees that cake has the details requested. Whimsical Cake Studio is not liable for any damages to the cake/cupcakes after pick up. Any changes requested after pick up may be done for an extra charge.”

Above all, RELAX…enjoy your event…eat cake!