Custom Cakes

We create cakes for every occasion. Our galleries offer you a sampling of the style cakes we have created. It does not necessarily serve as a catalogue of cakes for you to select from. Please provide us with the details of your event and we will happily personalize a cake design made just for you and your guests. Custom orders can be made by telephone or in person only and require a 50% deposit and signed cake order form agreement to secure your order. Please read our ORDERING POLICIES before placing your order. Ideally we request one to two week’s notice for cake orders, however we can often book up weeks ahead.


Cakes: Vanilla velvet, vanilla, chocolate, vanilla confetti, banana, carrot, lemon, marble, combo (choose 2), chocolate vegan. *Rainbow vanilla (*6 layers) *Gluten Friendly : *Vanilla Velvet, *Chocolate.

Buttercream Fillings: Vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, cherry, maple, lemon, mango, cookies & cream, mint, cookie dough, caramel, peanut butter, espresso, lime, earl grey, chai spice, bailey’s, matcha, brown butter honey, cream cheese icing, marshmallow, chocolate ganache*, sugar frosting*, or coconut oil based vegan icing

*Additional Charges Apply


These cakes were all custom designed and decorated. We can reproduce them or use them as inspiration for custom designs for you. We would love to have put all of the cakes we created in this gallery, but it would have been too big. These cakes represent our decorators likes, and passions, that were shared with our clients. The decorators personal connection to the subject creates a more personal design. These are the cakes that our decorating team went the craziest for. Please enjoy these cakes as much as we do!