Classic chocolate chip cookies, custom decorated cookies, cookie sandwiches, cookie tarts, cookie fries….. we can make all the cookies!!!!! 

Classic Drop Cookies

All your favorite classic cookies and a few with a twist

chocolate chip cookies available in store daily, other options available for preorder.

chocolate chip / chocolate peanut butter chip / oatmeal chocolate chip / ginger / macaroon / kitchen sink / 

$2/per cookie plus tax

Decorated Cookies

we decorate our cookies different than most bakers. them we could use royal icing if you really want us to, but we prefer the texture and flavour achieved when we decorate them using piped chocolate, candy melts, and our house made rolled fondant. Our Cookie Hero Emma  is a fierce talented decorator who can make your cookies look gooooood

Cookie Tarts and Pies

imagine if you will a luscious decadent tart, with cookie instead of pastry!!!! limited quantities in store daily 



cookie pot pies $25 

Cookie Dippers

a selection of sugar cookie, chocolate sugar cookie, or gingerbread with sweet frosting for dipping.  

small $20

large $30