What’s In Store?!

Feeling snacky? Wandering Whyte in need of a tasty treat? Pop in and see what we have in store for you!

Cookie Sandwiches



Nostalgia never tasted so sweet! Inspired by younger year snacks but bigger, better and full of butter! Daily we have vanilla sugar cookie with baked in rainbow sprinkles filled with rich sugar frosting. Or dark rich chocolate cookie sandwiched with sweet sugar frosting…. Can’t make up your mind, get the nostalgia pack with one of each! 

box of 2 cookie sandwich $8

Cookie Tarts



Imagine if you will a tart, but with cookie pastry, filled rich creamy fillings! Lighten up with the lemon sunshine tart, or a blueberry crumble tart! Feeling decadent, indulge in the kitchen sink or the nutella hazelnut!

tarts $5 each 

cookie pot pie (occasionally instore, best to order ahead) $30

Cake Cups



Moist cake layered with our luscious buttercreams ready to go daily in different flavor combinations


cake cups $5/each

Cake Sandwiches



The cake you love filled sandwiched with flavorful buttercream

All your favorite combos you loved as cupcakes, and wild new flavors. something different all the time!

cake sandwiches $5/each

Cookie Fries



You want fries with that?!?

Sugar cookie “french fries” that come with your choice of frosting “ketchup” or dulce de leche “gravy” frosting to dip!

fries $5/each

Ready to go cakes




Ready to go cakes are typically 6″ cakes in the flavor and design that delights the team that day, usually $30-45.  Sold as is, no modifications.

We are happy to personalize with a message!

Cake Bombs


Cake bombs are like a giant stuffed cake pop!

15 flavors, with 2 GF options!

cake bombs $5/each

Cookie Pops



Cake and buttercream mixed together, rolled into a sphere and dipped in chocolate. (note~ cookie dough is not cake and buttercream mixed, its strait cookie dough!)

available in store in vanilla velvet, chocolate, vanilla and cookie dough. Other favours or custom designs are a pre-order

cake pops $2.75/each

Cake Jars


Mason jars filled with tasty treats! 

Specialty jars for vegan or GF needs, cheese cake jars, cookie dough jars, seasonal options!

cheesecake jars $8/jar

cake  and cookie dough jars $7/each




We always have the classic chocolate chip…. and then we have  any decorated cookies inspiring our cookie hero that day! 

drop cookies (chocolate chip) $2/each

decorated cookies $4/each

paint your own cookies $7/each

mini cookie pack $7/each 

sugar skulls $6/each

dippers $20/box


Made from scratch in house….

peppermint patties $6/pack

peanut butter awesomes $7/pack

chocolate noogies $7/pack

sponge toffee $6/pack

cheddar shortbread $6/pack

brownie, GF brownie, chevre brownie $4.50/each

cotton candy $3 small  $5 large

Freeze Dried


small $3/each large $5/each


small $4/each large $8/each 

dipped fruit

small $5/each large $10/each

cheesecake/ice cream

small $4/each large $8/each