Count Memories, Not Calories!

Dessert Bars and Candy Tables

We make a huge selections of specialty dessert and candies.  Perfect for a quick snack or a dessert bar / candy bar for your next event. We try to have all of these yummy items in stock all of the time but we can’t always do that. If there is something you really want for your tummy, please call ahead and or order a few days ahead of time.

One of our signature treat here at Whimsical is our Bacon Caramels.

The owners personal recipe that has achieve local and international acclaim over the

decade she has been making it!

We source the bacon from local sources like our friends

at  Acme Meat Market

Sea salt and Bacon Caramels

$12 per 24pk

Acme Meat Market and Whimsical Cake Studio
Pork Corn- Carmel Popcorn, Bacon and Peanuts = Yums

“PORK” Corn  – Carmel Popcorn with peanuts and our Bacon-fetti

$5 per Bag

Brownies for all tastes

Very Chocolate, Chèvre (Goat Cheese), and Gluten Friendly Brownies

$4 each

Peanut Butter Nutella Swirlies

Peanut Butter Nutella Rice Krispie Swirly

$3 each

Handmade Butter toffee, with almond or bacon

Toffee’s – Chocolate Bacon Butter Toffee and Chocolate Almond Butter Toffee

$4 per Bag

Housemate marshmallows in various flavour and colours

Homemade flavoured marshmallows.  Available in various flavours in store and available for custom order. Call for pricing on custom colours and flavours.

$8 per Bag

Vanilla sugar, that is all you need to know

Vanilla Sugar

$10 per Jar

Peanut Butter Awesomes = Yums

Peanut Butter Awesome’s  –  Fluffy peanut butter nugget dipped in milk chocolate

$5 per bag

Real fruit vegan gummies

Portable cheesecake – Is there anything better.  Various flavours weekly

$6 per jar

Real fruit vegan gummies

Soft Chewy Gummies Made with Real Fruit, available in store

$3 per Bag

Banana Bread loafs or bites

Banana Bread –  Loaf or Mini-Bites


Smore Sammies with smoked marshmallow centres

Chocolate covered graham cracker smoked marshmallow sandwich

$3 1/2  each

Macaron, various colours and flavours available

French Style Macaron’s Available in store and for custom order. Call for pricing on custom flavours and colours.

By Order Only

Bacon-Fetti - To shake on anything you want = Yums

Bacon and Candied Bacon ready to sprinkle in everything

$8 per Jar

Meringues of various flavours and colours daily

Multi Colour and Multi Flavour Meringues are always available in store. Call for pricing on custom colours and flavours.

$4 per Bag

Chocolate covered nugget bites

“Noogies”  Chocolate covered chocolate nugget ( season flavours )

$5 per 5pk

Peppermint patties like no other.

Handmade peppermint patties

$5 per Bag

Homestyle puffed wheat squares

Puffed wheat just the way that you remember it

$3 each

Handmade Candy Corn

Colourful Handmade Candy Corn available in store.

$2 per Bag


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Address: 8211 102 st

Edmonton AB, T6E 4A5

Phone:  780 988 2253 (CAKE)

We are between the AMPM and the Vet on 102st  across the street from the car lot

Customer parking available in front of the building